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Product Description

Hand-made 100 Watt point to point tube guitar amplifier.
Now you are done looking for the Ultimate rock and roll amplifier. Hand-made 100-watt point to point guitar amplifier. No circuit boards in here to mess up your great tube sound. It has two channels and both of them rock. This amp doesn’t need to be turned up to sound good. It sounds the same at any volume. Like any Greedtone product, it is easy to use and sounds amazing in any setting. Turn every knob up all the way and have fun. You will need ear plugs at that point because this amp is loud!

Product Description


100 Watt component to component. all tube amp(no circuit boards)
Built-In Noise Reduction Circuitry
Fully Adjustable Volume, Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence
Mercury Magnetic Transformers(Designed for Greedtone)
Silver Mica Caps (for cleaner highs)
JJ Electrolytic cans
Orange Drop Type 716P Caps
Resistors are Metal Oxide Power
Tube Sockets are made of Micalex
16, 8, or 4 ohms speakers taps with switch
110, 220, or 240 volts AC with switch
Ultra Rugged Aluminum Chassis
Long Lasting High-Quality Pots
Black Chicken head knobs
Hand-Wired Using Silver wire with Teflon jacket
Four El34 power tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes(JJ tubes)
Hand made in Seattle Washington at The Bionic Ear